Keeping California’s Promise to Students

As our Assemblyman, I’ll make sure that the Proposition 98 guaranteed funding for K-14 schools in our state is the last option on the chopping block during the budget battles. Sacramento’s irresponsible leadership has left our schools and students without the resources they need to be competitive in the 21st century job market. When elected, I’ll make sure that youth in the 46th district and throughout our state can get a quality education in our public schools from Kindergarten through High School and at our Community Colleges to prepare them for university.

Adrin talks to students

Offering Affordable University Education for the Middle Class

Like K-14 schools, our state’s university systems have taken a beating from cut after cut in the state budget battle. When I was growing up, a student graduating from high school could get a world-class education and a degree from a California State University or University of California school at a cost much lower than those offered by private universities.

Students with degrees from our state’s CSUs and UCs were sought-after by employers around the world. Graduates of these schools could find jobs with good pay and the potential for growth and opportunities. Now, just attending the universities is out of reach for all but a few students. As an Assemblyman, I’ll fight to keep tuition low and restore the Cal Grants programs to put higher education back in reach for all our students.

Natural Resources and Sustainability

Securing Clean, Sustainable Water

California has the highest population of any state in the United States and has an enormously productive agricultural sector. Without major investment in our water infrastructure in the next few years, there simply won’t be enough water to go around. That’s why I believe in conservation and construction for our water systems.

Our state can learn a thing or two about water conservation from the wildly successful water conservation programs in Southern California, which can and should be applied statewide. Statewide conservation, along with new construction to make the Sacramento Delta more sustainable and remediate the San Fernando Valley groundwater contamination, will secure a sustainable water supply for generations to come. As an Assemblyman, I’ll work hard to make that future a reality.

Investing in a Renewable Future

Our state has committed to reducing its emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change and relying on renewable energy for electricity, but there is much work to be done to realize our renewable future.

As with water, conservation will be key to achieving our renewable energy objectives and several major transmission lines will be needed to unlock remote sources of renewable energy. These initiatives will require engaged, responsible leaders who will push hard to reduce the barriers to these objectives, but also protect ratepayers from those who would seek enormous profits without any effort toward achieving our renewable objectives.

As our next Assemblyman, I’ll introduce legislation to coordinate our multitudes of agencies that handle permitting, siting, construction, and regulation of our vital energy infrastructure.

Economic Development and Jobs

Rebuilding California

Throughout the 20th century, visionary California leaders like Pat Brown and William Mulholland invested wisely to build an infrastructure that continues to provide a high quality of life for people in the Valley and throughout our state. But anyone who uses our state’s highways, roads, tunnels, parks, airports, bridges and buildings knows that our current leaders haven’t made the investments to create a 21st century infrastructure that helps businesses compete on the world stage and guarantees quality of life for Californians.

Infrastructure is crucial for commerce – every business in California benefits from the investments we make in a world-class infrastructure – but we should be the model for modern, efficient, and well-maintained construction. From the moment visitors to our state unbuckle their airplane seatbelts at LAX, they should be impressed with Los Angeles and California. As our Assemblyman, I’ll make infrastructure a priority.

Adrin talking with residents

Protecting Local Jobs and Investing in Our Communities

With Governor Brown’s realignment of State and Local Governments, our City and County are being asked to do more with less. Sacramento’s mismanagement of the state budget makes it nearly impossible to balance California’s books without cutting critical programs, but some things just shouldn’t be cut.

When it comes to Sacramento taking vital revenue meant for our City and County, I will vote “NO”.

Taking money away from local government means more layoffs and higher unemployment, fewer police on our streets, fewer firefighters to respond to emergencies, pink slips for our teachers and reduced services for our community. Cutting down on critical local programs, and the jobs that go with them, should be the last option for our legislators.


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