As your Assemblymember I have made it a priority for the Legislature to protect Proposition 98 educational funding, insuring that our schools are the absolute last items on the chopping block during budget battles.

Our State has rebounded from the recession, but unfortunately our schools have sometimes paid the price. For the last few years, graduates from high school have lacked the resources they need to be competitive in the 21st Century job market. This must be fixed, and I aim to push the Assembly towards appropriate solutions.



California’s current three-year drought has required a renewed focus on protecting and preserving our precious water resources. I am proud to have joined a bi-partisan coalition to pass smart long-lasting water resource improvements for the San Fernando Valley and California.

The recently passed Water Bond is focused squarely on ensuring that our state has enough water to satisfy its needs going forward. If passed, the Water Bond will provide critical funds to help clean the San Fernando’s aquifers, upgrade existing water-supply infrastructure, water recycling, and advanced water treatment technology.

As your Assemblymember I will continue to protect and clean our ground water resources while installing state-of-the-art water infrastructure.


The film industry is the heart of Los Angeles, providing hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs to families across California. To protect these jobs I championed a number of bills designed to grant tax credits to movies made in California, in an effort to attract new jobs and keep old ones in the State.

I am proud to report that my aggressive efforts help push through a film tax credit that triples the annual tax credit for movies and TV shows produced in California. This legislation, once signed by Governor Brown, will bring jobs back home.

The film industry is vital to the state of California’s economy, supporting more than 190,000 direct jobs and $17 billion in wages in California. As your Assemblymember I will continue to work with studios, unions, and small business to keep film production jobs here.


As a San Fernando Valley resident I understand how frustrating traffic is; as an Assemblymember I decided enough is enough. I fought to pass legislation lifting the ban on light-rail in the San Fernando Valley, allowing local communities, CalTrans, and the City of Los Angeles to have a real discussion on how to reduce traffic without limitations.

Lifting the ban on light-rail is a start but I want to see results. I will continue to push Sacramento to deliver real traffic congestion results to the San Fernando Valley. Together, we can bring smarter transportation options to our communities.

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