California assemblyman, immigrant from Iran, speaks out against ‘cruel’ travel ban



Adrin Nazarian is a Democratic California assemblyman who immigrated to the U.S. from Iran. Now, he represents the 46th District, which covers the San Fernando Valley.

“Going through what’s been happening the last few days just has made us relive a lot of the past challenges,” Nazarian said.

He and his mother Nora, who lives in Winnetka, took time on Wednesday to look at photos of a young Adrin, growing up in Iran as war began taking over his life.

The assemblyman recalled having to hide in the basement when the city was under siege.

“I said to my husband, I have to go and I have to take him out from here,” Nora Nazarian said.

At age 8, Adrin Nazarian left the country. After several months of traveling, he finally reached America as a refugee.

“It symbolized freedom,” Adrin Nazarian said.

Now, he is a husband and father of two, who won a seat in Sacramento representing his fellow Americans.

When questions arise regarding whether refugees have value, his message is clear: “Look at me.”

He said Trump’s recent decision to ban travel from Iran and six other countries is deeply disturbing.

“It’s just a very cruel step. It’s not really based on any founded evidence,” he said.

He understands and supports the national protests. The Nazarians say everyday, they express gratitude to live in this country.

“My plan is to never move again. I don’t want my kids to ever move. I don’t want my grandchildren to ever move. This is our home,” Adrin Nazarian said.

Trump insists that his travel ban is absolutely necessary for national security. However, opponents point out the fact that not a single refugee from any of the banned countries have ever been convicted of committing a terrorist act in the United States.