Press Releases

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes quake safety bill that aimed to create a tougher construction code

The state’s current minimum requirements for construction allow new buildings to be so severely damaged in a major earthquake that they must be torn down. Quake safety advocates have promoted a new building standard that would have buildings built stronger in the first place, so they can be repaired and reoccupied relatively quickly after a major earthquake.

“Step Therapy” or “Fail-First” Healthcare Reform Signed by Governor Brown

Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian championed a huge win for patients against health insurance companies. “Step therapy” or “fail-first” allows insurance plans to deny coverage of newer, effective medications until patients try older, cheaper options first. AB 374 gives doctors exemption options to override Step Therapy, putting patients first.

California Passes Sweeping Gun Control Legislation

Governor Brown signed sweeping gun control legislation passed by the Legislature in the wake of too many senseless mass shootings. California has taken decisive action because the Republican-lead Congress refuses to stand up to the NRA and pass common sense gun control.